Who are we?

Samance Agro Products Inc. is a manufacturing company based in the Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia famous for its agricultural riches.

We process fresh seaweeds into carrageenan powder and a nutritional snack called Seaweed Crunchies, fresh bananas to banana chips, and fresh mangoes to dried mangoes. We also supply the highly sought-after Guimaras carabao mangoes to other countries.

The seaweeds we use are grown in the shores of the Island of Guimaras, Philippines by local seaweed growers associations, our partners in ensuring the sustainability and quality of our raw materials.

To guarantee the volume and quality of mangoes supplied to clients worldwide, we also operate and manage our own mango orchard farm in Guimaras wherein we practice organic farming.

Samance Agro Products Inc. is a company that also takes value in the importance of innovation. For this reason, our Research and Development Team unceasingly explores science and studies current trends for constant progress and development of our people, products and system.

Not only that, we are also a firm believer in the role of good customer service in securing long-lasting relationships with customers. This is why we open and extend all our accounts and contact numbers for faster response to inquiries and feedbacks.

Samance Agro Products Inc. is a company committed to its customers’ satisfaction thru giving importance to the quality of our manufacturing procedures, finished products and relationships with customers and suppliers.

We are committed to QUALITY. We are committed to YOU.